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Conversation 4. Yoga of Wisdom

Bhagavad Gita/Conversation 4. Yoga of Wisdom

Conversation 4.
Yoga of Wisdom

Lord Krishna said:

4:1. I taught this eternal Yoga to Vivasvan, Vivasvan passed it to Manu, Manu related it to Ikshvaku.

4:2. In this way, the king-sages learned it from each other. But with time, Yoga on the Earth has deteriorated, O Parantapa.

4:3. It is the same ancient Yoga that I have imparted to you, for you are devoted to Me, you are My friend; in this Yoga the highest mystery is revealed!

Arjuna said:

4:4. You were born later, Vivasvan was born before. How should I understand that You were the first who revealed these Teachings?

Lord Krishna said:

4:5. You and Me had many births in the past, O Arjuna! I know all of them, but you do not know any of yours, O Parantapa!

4:6. Though I am the eternal, imperishable Atman, though I am Ishvara, but inside prakriti controlled by Me I manifest Myself through My maya.

4:7. When there is a decline of righteousness (on the Earth), O Bharata, and unrighteousness begins to prevail, then I manifest Myself*.

4:8. For the sake of saving good people and defeating those who do evil, for restoring the dharma — I manifest Myself thus from age to age.

4:9. The one who has really cognized the essence of My miraculous Manifestations does not get born again after leaving the body but merges with Me, O Arjuna!

4:10. Many of those who have freed themselves from false attachments, fear, and anger, who have cognized My Beingness and become purified in the Fire of Wisdom attain Great Love for Me.

4:11. In whatever way people come to Me, in the same way I receive them. For the paths by which people come to Me from all sides are My paths, O Partha!

4:12 Those seeking success in earthly activities worship “gods”. They can quickly achieve success in the world of matter from such actions.

4:13. In accordance with the gunas and variants of people’s activity, I established the four varnas. Know that I am the creator of them, though I do not act and stay uninvolved in them!

4:14. Actions do not affect Me, and a reward for actions does not attract Me. The one who knows Me thus — does not get entangled in the karmic consequences of one’s own actions!

4:15 Knowing this, the sages who had attained the Liberation performed actions. So you — perform actions having examples of your predecessors!

4:16. “What is action and what is non-action?” — even the reasonable are confused by this. I am going to explain it to you, so that you may become free from confusion.

4:17. One should understand that there are necessary action, vain action, and non-action.

4:18. They who see non-action in activity and action in inactivity are truly conscious, and even being involved in action among others such people remain free.

4:19. They whose undertakings are free from the worldly inclinations and pursuits of personal profit — it is said about them that their deeds are purified by the fire of the developed consciousness.

4:20. Pursuing not personal profit, always being content, seeking not support from anyone, they are in non-action though they act constantly.

4:21. Desiring not benefit for themselves, surrendering their thoughts to the Atman, renouncing the feeling “This is mine!”, performing their dharmas, they do not stain their destinies.

4:22. Since they are satisfied with whatever comes to them, free from duality, devoid of envy, even-minded in success and failure, their actions do not fetter them even when they act.

4:23. They who have renounced attachments to the material and become free from the worldly passions, whose thoughts are established in wisdom, who perform actions as sacrificial offerings to God — all their actions merge with the harmony of the entire Creation.

4:24. The Life of Brahman is sacrificial. Brahman is a Sacrifice coming in a Fiery Appearance. One can attain Brahman only with His help; at that, one comes to Samadhi.

4:25. Some yogis believe that they perform sacrifice by worshipping “gods”. Others perform sacrificial service, being the Brahmanic Fire.

4:26. Some sacrifice their hearing and other organs of sense for the sake of self-control*. Others sacrifice sound and other objects of sense that excite the indriyas.

4:27. Others yet, aspiring to wisdom, burn in the Fire of the Atman all unnecessary activity of the indriyas and the incoming energies, striving thus to gain wisdom.

4:28. Others sacrifice the property, or perform sacrifice through asceticism, or through religious rituals, or through diligence in sciences, in learning, and through observance of austere vows.

4:29. Others expose the energy outgoing from the body to the incoming energy, or the incoming energy — to the outgoing one. Others move the outgoing and the incoming energies performing pranayama.

4:30. All they — though having different appearance, yet understanding the essence of sacrifice — purify their destinies in the process of such activity.

4:31. Those partaking of the nectar of the remnants of their offerings, approach the Abode of Brahman. This world is not for the one who does not sacrifice, say nothing of the bliss of the next world, O best of the Kurus!

4:32. The offerings to Brahman are numerous and diverse! Know that all they are born of action! Having known this you will become free!

4:33. Superior to all outer sacrifices is the sacrifice of wisdom*, O destroyer of enemies! All actions, O Partha, become perfect when they are performed by the wise!

4:34. Therefore, gain wisdom through devotion, inquiry, and service! Sages and clairvoyants, who perceive the essence of things, will impart this to you.

4:35. And having known this, you will not be confused anymore, O Pandava, for then you will see all incarnate beings in the world of maya — from the world of the Atman.

4:36. And even if you were the most sinful one — even then you could cross the sea of suffering on the boat of this wisdom!

4:37. As fire turns firewood into ashes, so does the fire of wisdom burns all false actions to ashes!

4:38. There is no purifier better than wisdom in this world! With its help, the one skilled in Yoga attains Enlightenment in the Atman in due course.

4:39. The one full of faith gains wisdom. The one controlling the indriyas gains it too. Having achieved wisdom, they quickly attain the higher worlds.

4:40. But the ignorant, devoid of faith, irresolute go to destruction! For doubting ones there is neither this world, nor the next one, nor happiness!

4:41. The one who has abandoned false action with the help of Yoga, who has removed all doubts with the help of wisdom, who has become established in the Atman cannot be bound by action, O Dhananjaya!

4:42. Therefore, cutting the doubts born of ignorance with the sword of Atman’s wisdom stay in Yoga, O Bharata!

Thus in the Upanishads of the blessed Bhagavad Gita, the Science of Eternal, the Scripture of Yoga, says the fourth conversation between Shri Krishna and Arjuna, entitled:

Yoga of Wisdom.

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Bhagavad Gita
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