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Conversation 10. Manifestation of Power

Bhagavad Gita/Conversation 10. Manifestation of Power

Conversation 10.
Manifestation of Power

Lord Krishna said:

10:1. Again, O mighty-armed, listen to My highest instructions for your own good — My beloved!

10:2. My origin is known neither to “gods” nor to the multitude of great sages! For I am the progenitor of all “gods” and all great sages!

10:3. Among mortals, the one who cognizes Me — Unborn, Originless, the Great Lord of the universe — such a truly non-deluded one becomes free from the bondage of fate!

10:4. Awareness of actions, wisdom, resoluteness, all-forgiveness, honesty, self-control, calm, joy, pain, birth, death, fear, and fearlessness,

10:5. compassion, equanimity, contentment, spiritual aspiration, generosity, fame, and infamy — I create all this diversity of states of living beings.

10:6. The seven great sages and the four Manus prior to them also were born of My nature and by My thought. From them all nations originated.

10:7. The one who has cognized My Greatness and My Yoga is really deeply immersed into Yoga, there is no doubt about this!

10:8. I am the Source of everything, everything originates from Me. Having understood this, the wise worship Me with great delight!

10:9. Directing their thoughts at Me, devoting their lives to Me, enlightening each other, always conversing about Me, they are happy and content!

10:10. To them — always full of love — I gift Buddhi Yoga, by means of which they attain Me.

10:11. Helping them, I dispel the darkness of ignorance from their Atmans by the radiance of knowledge.

Arjuna said:

10:12. You are the Supreme God, the Supreme Abode, the Perfect Purity, the Universal Soul, the Primordial, our Eternal Lord!

10:13. All sages proclaimed You thus — divine sage Narada, and Asita, and Devala, and Vyasa! And now You Yourself told Me the same.

10:14. I believe in the truth of everything said by You! Your Manifestations, O Blessed Lord, are comprehensible neither to gods nor to demons!

10:15. You alone know Yourself as the Atman of Atmans, as the Supreme Soul, as the Source of all creatures, as the Ruler of everything existing, as the Lord of gods, as the Master of the universe!

10:16. Tell me in full about Your Divine Glory, in which You abide pervading all the worlds!

10:17. How can I cognize You, O Yogi, by constant contemplation? In what forms should I think about You, O Blessed One?

10:18. Tell Me again in detail about Your Yoga and Glory! I can never be satiated listening to Your life-giving words!

Lord Krishna said:

10:19. Let it be as you wish! I will tell you about My Divine Glory, but only the most important of it — since there is no limit to My Manifestations.

10:20. O conqueror of enemies! I am the Atman that resides in the hearts of all beings. I am the beginning, the middle, and the end of all creatures.

10:21. Of the adityas, I am Vishnu. Of lights, I am the radiant Sun. Of all winds, I am the Ruler of winds. Of other lights, I am the Moon.

10:22. Of the Vedas, I am the Sama Veda. Of “gods”, I am the King of “gods”. Of the indriyas, I am the mind. In all beings, I am the Life-giving Force.

10:23. Of the rudras, I am Shankara*. I am the Ruler of the Divine and demonic. Of the vasus, I am fire. Of mountains, I am Meru.

10:24. Know Me, O Partha, as the Head of all priests Brihaspati. Of warrior-chiefs, I am Skanda. Of water bodies, I am the ocean.

10:25. Of great rishis, I am Brigu. Of words, I am AUM. Of offerings, I am chanting of mantras. Of the immovable, I am the Himalayas.

10:26. Of trees, I am ashvattha. Of the gandharvas, I am Chitraratha. Of perfect ones, I am wise Kapila.

10:27. Of horses, know Me as Uchchaishrava born of nectar. Among kingly elephants, I am Airavata. Among men, I am the King.

10:28. Of weapons, I am the thunderbolt. Of cows, I am kamadhuka. Of procreating ones, I am Kandarpa. Of serpents, I am Vasuki.

10:29. Of the nagas, I am Ananta. Of inhabitants of the sea, I am Varuna. Of ancestors, I am Aryama. Of judges, I am Yama.

10:30. Of the daityas, I am Prahlada. Of those who count, I am the time. Of wild animals, I am the lion. Of birds, I am Garuda.

10:31. Of purifying elements, I am the wind. Of warriors, I am Rama. Of fishes, I am Makara. Of rivers, I am the Ganges.

10:32. For creations, I am the beginning, the end, and the middle. Of all sciences, I am the science about the Divine Atman. I am also the speech of those endowed with eloquence.

10:33. Of the letters, I am “A”. I am also the duality in combinations of letters. I am the eternal time. I am the all-pervasive Creator.

10:34. I am all-devouring death, and the origin of everything to be. Of women’s qualities, I am uncommonness, beauty, exquisite speech, memory, wit, constancy, forgiveness.

10:35. Of hymns, I am brihatsaman. Of the meters, I am gayatri. Of the months, I am magashirsha. Of the seasons, I am blossoming spring.

10:36. I am in the gambling of cheats, in the magnificence of the most magnificent things. I am victory. I am resoluteness. I am the truth of the truthful.

10:37. Of the descendants of Vrishni, I am Vasudeva. Of the Pandavas, I am Dhananjaya. Of munis, I am Vyasa. Of singers, I am Ushana.

10:38. I am punishment for crime. I am morals for those seeking victory. I am the silence of secret. I am the knowledge of knowers.

10:39. I am everything which is the Semen of everything existing, O Arjuna! There is nothing moving or nonmoving which can exist without Me!

10:40. There is no limit to My Divine Power, O conqueror of enemies! All that was declared to you are but examples of My Divine Glory!

10:41. All which is mighty, true, beautiful, firm — know that all this is but a trifling part of My Magnificence!

10:42. But of what use for you is the knowledge of all these details, O Arjuna? Having enlivened the whole universe with a minute part of Myself, I remain!

Thus in the Upanishads of the blessed Bhagavad Gita, the Science of Eternal, the Scripture of Yoga, says the tenth conversation between Shri Krishna and Arjuna, entitled:

Manifestation of Power.

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Bhagavad Gita
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