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Conversation 7. Yoga of Profound Knowledge

Bhagavad Gita/Conversation 7. Yoga of Profound Knowledge

Conversation 7.
Yoga of Profound Knowledge

Lord Krishna said:

7:1. Listen, O Partha, how, being directed with your mind to Me and practicing Yoga under My guidance, you can come to the ultimate cognition of Me.

7:2. I am going to reveal to you the knowledge and wisdom in all their fullness. After knowing them you will have nothing to learn more.

7:3. Among thousands of people, scarcely one strives for Perfection. And among those striving, only a few come to know My Essence.

7:4. Earth, water, fire, air, akasha*, mind, consciousness, and individual “I” — all this is what exists in the world of My prakriti, eight in total.

7:5. This is My lower nature. Know also, O mighty-armed, My higher nature, Which is that Element of Life thanks to Which the whole world is sustained.

7:6. It is the womb of everything existing. I am the Source of the (manifest) universe, and it disappears in Me!

7:7. There is nothing superior to Me! Everything is threaded on Me like stringed pearls!

7:8. I am the taste of water, O Kaunteya. I am the shining of the Moon and the light of the Sun, and Pranava*, and Universal Knowledge, and the Cosmic Voice, and humanity in people.

7:9. I am the pure scent of earth and the warmth of fire! I am the life of all the living and the exploits of spiritual warriors!

7:10. Try to cognize in Me the Primal Essence of all beings, O Partha! I am the Consciousness of all those who have developed the consciousness, I am the splendor of all the beautiful!

7:11. I am the strength of the strong who are devoid of attachments and sexual passions! I am the sexual power* in all beings that does not contradict dharma, O lord of the Bharatas!

7:12. Know that sattva, rajas, and tamas originate from Me. But understand that they are in Me, not I in them!

7:13. The entire world deluded by the properties of the three gunas does not know Me — Eternal, existing beyond these gunas.

7:14. Verily, it is hard to overcome My maya formed by the gunas! Only they who approach Me transcend it.

7:15. They who do evil are ignorant, the worst among men — they do not come to Me: the maya deprives them of wisdom, and they become demons.

7:16. There are four types of righteous men worshipping Me, O Arjuna: desiring to free themselves from suffering, aspiring to knowledge, seeking personal achievements, and the wise.

7:17. Among them, superior to the three others is the wise, even-minded and devoted to Me completely. Verily, I am dear to the wise and the wise are dear to Me!

7:18. All of them are worthy! But I deem the wise to be alike to Me! Because merging with the Atman, the wise cognize Me — their Supreme Goal!

7:19. At the end of many births, the wise man comes to Me. “Vasudeva is Everything!*” says the one of rare Mahatma’s qualities.

7:20. Those deprived of wisdom by desires worship “gods” and perform rituals, which correspond to their nature.

7:21. Whatever image people worship with faith — I strengthen the faith of everyone.

7:22. Imbued with this faith, they pray — and receive what they ask from the same source. But the command to give the asked originates from Me.

7:23. Verily, ephemeral is the gain of the ignorant: they who worship “gods” go to these “gods”, and they who love Me go to Me!

7:24. The ignorant deem Me, Unmanifest, achieved manifestation* knowing not about My unlimited, eternal, and supreme Existence.

7:25. Not everyone cognizes Me, concealed in My creative maya. The mistaken world does not know Me — Unborn, Eternal!

7:26. I know the past, the present, and the future Creations, O Arjuna, but no one here knows Me!

7:27. Due to wandering in duality because of the attraction and distraction (to earthly objects), O Bharata, all (newly) born beings live in ignorance!

7:28. But righteous people, who have rooted out their vices, become free from this duality and resolutely go towards Me!

7:29. Seeking refuge in Me, they long for liberation from birth and death. They come to the knowledge of the Atman, to the realization of the Atman for themselves, to understanding of the principles of destiny formation.

7:30. And they who cognize Me as the Highest Existence, as Supreme God Who receives all sacrifices — they, devoted to Me, meet Me at the moment of departure from the body!

Thus in the Upanishads of the blessed Bhagavad Gita, the Science of Eternal, the Scripture of Yoga, says the seventh conversation between Shri Krishna and Arjuna, entitled:

Yoga of Profound Knowledge.

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Bhagavad Gita
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